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Tilt Garage Doors Melbourne  

Maintain security while saving on space with a custom-made tilt garage door from PDS Garage Doors.

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Enhance Your Home With a Tilt Garage Door

PDS Garage Doors designs, manufactures, installs, repairs, and services custom-made garage doors for residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Melbourne. Our range includes tilt garage doors to extend the options you have when it comes to choosing a garage for your property.

Tilt doors are a one-piece unit perfect for older homes in Melbourne that don’t have enough space at the sides for a roller door or a sectional door. A tilt-up garage door opener is also ideal for car parks in commercial or industrial buildings with restricted headroom, as the door opens upwards and outwards until it rests flat against the garage ceiling in a horizontal position.

If you’re looking for a garage door that suits an area with limited ceiling space, a tilt door may be the right choice for you. With our customisable options, we can develop and install a tilt garage door that meets your needs and assists with improving the security and street appeal of your property.

Installation of Reliable Custom Tilt Garage Doors

With 20 years in the industry, we are experts in supplying and installing tilt garage doors in a wide range of Melbourne properties. We are committed to providing a service that you can count on, from start to finish. This includes the various steps of installing a garage door, such as: 

  • Assessing and measuring your space.
  • Guiding you through the different styles of garage doors.
  • Providing customisable and cost-effective product choices.
  • Installing your custom-made tilt door efficiently with minimal interruption.
  • Maintenance support.
Tilt Garage Door in Melbourne
Facade Garage Door Melbourne

Tilt Door Cladding Frames

PDS Garage Doors specialise in manufacturing tilt door frames ready for cladding with any type of material to suit the façade of your home. We install the door frame, hardware and motor ready for the builder to install the cladding.

Tilt Door Installation Types

Behind the head installation

Tilt door jambs are installed behind the opening and the door is installed set back from the opening allowing for any type of cladding to be installed to match the property.

Flush mount installation

Tilt door jambs are installed in the opening and the door is installed flush with the façade of the property allowing for matching cladding to be installed to the door and property façade, this allows for a seamless look.

Tilt Door Clearances

Tilt doors provide the tightest fit in the opening using minimal side and head room. Standard tilt doors require as little as 150mm head room and 100mm side room making these doors perfect for tight space openings.

Cladding Weights

Standard tilt door hardware is rated to 175kg in total weight whilst newer HULK Hardware ( on the market is rated at 285kg in total weight making the cladding options endless. Simply contact PDS Garage Doors with your opening sizes and we can calculate your frame and cladding weight allowances.

Tilt Door Openers / Motors

Here at PDS Garage Doors we only use quality Merlin motors on our tilt doors. Merlin motors come with a 7 year manufacturers warranty, have a heavy lifting power and offer many additional add on accessories. We recommend either the Merlin Commander Elite ( or the Merlin Commander Extreme for heavier doors ( .


There are a variety of materials that can be used for a tilt door and the necessary components. This includes options such as timber, steel, and aluminium.


We can make your tilt garage door any colour to suit your preferences, such as matching it to your property’s current external colour scheme. We offer a broad range of Colorbond® colours and patterns.


The style impacts the functionality and appearance of your door. This can include options such as pedestrian sections or windows in the door panel.


Whether your garage needs a small or large door to accommodate property size and car access requirements, we can measure and create your door to suit.


We can design tilt garage doors with a range of features. This includes options such as motors and controls to make them automated rather than manually operated.

There are several factors to consider when choosing features such as:

  • Budget.
  • Climate.
  • The time and physical ability involved in opening the door.
  • Street appeal.
Tilt Door Colorbond
Tilt Facade Door Melbourne

Choose the right garage door for your space with a customisable door designed and installed by PDS Garage Doors.

Tilt Garage Doors Melbourne Frequently Asked Questions 

Tilt doors’ movement involves swinging outwards and upwards with the use of a hinged cradle that involves pivoting arms, which are typically counterbalanced by springs.

Because tilt doors generally have fewer parts, their maintenance and repair can be less frequently required. They do require monitoring for factors such as corrosion and physical damage, as do most garage doors. The springs should be tended to reduce the risk of injury in the case of deformities. We recommend that your tilt door be serviced and inspected every 12-18 months to maintain optimum performance, product longevity and safe operation.

As tilt doors do not roll up or separate and consist of a rigid panel, they must swing forward as they move upward. This means there does need to be a certain amount of room in front of the entry point.

Why Choose PDS Garage Doors For Your Tilt Door?  

We have designed and installed countless tilt doors in Melbourne homes and car parks and are proud of our reputation as a trustworthy and efficient company. Providing high-quality products and installations at a reasonable price is important to us because the security, durability, functionality, and appearance of your garage door is important to you. We endeavour to continue delivering services that result in happy and satisfied customers long into the future.


Experience and great customer service 

Our experienced technicians make garage door installation and maintenance easy and smooth processes, meaning less interruptions and hassle. We can help you achieve better security, privacy, and protection from the elements promptly and simply. 

Long-lasting and high-quality products 

We provide tilt doors and components so you can have peace of mind regarding the safety and durability of your door.

Customisable doors 

There are a wide range of choices when it comes to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your tilt door. We can work with you to design and install a door that suits your requirements and preferences.

Customise The Right Tilt Door For Your Home With PDS Garage Doors 

The garage door can be a crucial part of your property, so we understand the importance of installing the most appropriate one for you. That is why the team at PDS Garage Doors is committed to providing trustworthy service and an extensive range of high-quality products to all our customers.

Tilt doors are our most popular door as they provide countless cladding options to compliment any property as well as offer a clean and sleek look for your property. Tilt doors have minimal moving parts and require little maintenance making them a favourite amongst our customers. We can help you decide whether this style meets your needs and design and install it for you. Call us to discuss your options and to organise a free measure and quote!

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Tilt Garage Doors Melbourne
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