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Garage Doors Melbourne

Enhance the look and functionality of your home with the perfect door for your safety needs and preferences

Custom Made Garage Doors & Garage Door Installation

It may sound niche and a little random, but we are passionate about garage doors! We know how important they are and so we are dedicated to delivering excellent service and a great range of quality products at a reasonable price, enabling you to be happy and proud when it comes to your perfect garage door, which is often a fundamental part of a house or building.

Custom-making garage doors offer our customers many benefits. We can develop door designs that perfectly match your property’s aesthetics and practical requirements. You can choose the material, colours, style, size, and features depending on your preferences. Customisation ensures a unique and personalised garage door that complements your property while adding value, functionality, and maximum security.

At PDS Garage Doors, we specialise in designing and installing custom-made garage doors in Melbourne. We also repair, service and automate all types of garage doors, including roller doors, sectional doors, tilt doors, and counterweight doors. When you need a new or updated garage door, we are here with premium door solutions.

Custom Garage Doors Melbourne

Our Melbourne Garage Door Services

With over 20 years in the automated garage doors Melbourne industry, we have built a formidable reputation for our quality products, excellent customer care, and friendly service. With our help, you can feel confident that the development, installation, and maintenance of your garage door will be a stress-free and positive experience with an optimal outcome, including a free measure and quote.

Experienced Installer

Garage door installation is a breeze with our team of experienced technicians who make the whole process smooth and simple. We make sure that your garage doors are up and operating as soon as possible, securing your home from both the elements and from opportunistic thieves.

Servicing & Repairs

Garage doors are often subjected to frequent use, factors such as dirt build-up and rain, and external forces that may cause damage, such as objects hitting it. We can service your door to maintain its function and appearance, and repair any faults or degeneration.

Remotes & Motors

Garage doors with a motor and remote control capabilities expand the options for your garage door set up. We can install high-quality stock and provide regular maintenance to elevate the functionality and safety of your door.

Custom Made Gates & Garage Doors in Melbourne

Our custom made garage doors are ideal for residential applications and are available in any colour, design, style and size you need. Homeowners can match their custom made residential garage doors to their home’s exterior design, maximising their curb appeal and increasing the value of their property.

As a reliable and professional company, all of our custom garage doors come with manufacturer’s warranties and we also offer pensioner discounts.

Custom Garage Door Melbourne

Our Custom Designed Garage Door Range

When it comes to garage doors, we believe that having options is the key to success. There are several factors involved that impact the type of garage door you need, such as budget, climate, and the time and physical ability involved in opening the door. That is why we are committed to providing our clients with a variety of products and designs.

We can develop a design that suits your size, functional, and aesthetic requirements so you can get the most out of your garage door.

Counterweight doors use weights and secure automatic openers, which makes them great door solutions for settings that benefit from heavier cladding and door frames. They provide smooth and controlled movement.

Roller doors provide practical access to your garage. These can be manual or automatic doors for ease-of -use and functional options.

Sectional garage doors are great for situations that call for the convenience and functionality of a secure door but have limited space. These doors lie flat against the ceiling when open and can be designed with various patterns and window options to suit your preferences and needs.

Tilt garage doors are a great option for when you have limited head height because they swing outwards and upwards on a tilt to open. This makes them perfect for residential doors in particular.

We can develop a convenient door for entry points to crawl spaces or basements to allow for safe and efficient maintenance, repairs, or inspections.

Why Choose PDS Garage Doors?

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the custom designed garage door industry in Melbourne, specialising in professional garage door installations, repairs and services. Due to our exceptional service and value for money, as well as our unlimited range of custom made garage doors, many of our clients are referred to us via word-of-mouth. We work with Real Estate Agents, Body Corporates and Property Managers.

Talk to one of our specialists today and explore your options!

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Tilt Door Melbourne

Take Your Garage Door to the Next Level

Your garage door is a pivotal component of your home. Whichever style you have, such as roller doors, hamptons sectional doors, or an automatic garage door can help to keep your garage and its contents safe from theft and harsh weather conditions. A custom-made garage door also has the ability to enhance the overall curb appeal of your property, which can increase its value and create a positive first impression when people arrive at your home. A well-designed garage door also offers convenience, providing easy access to your garage, which may also serve as an additional entry point to your home.

It can be easy to overlook the importance of selecting the right garage door for your property, but it can make a huge difference to the look and functionality of your home. At PDS Garage Doors Melbourne, the team takes the time to explore your needs and preferences and work towards developing and installing the most suitable garage door for you. We can provide a free measure and quote to begin the process.

Garage Door Melbourne
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