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Counterweight Garage Doors

Counterweight doors for commercial and industrial properties.

Attractive and Functional to Suit Any Property

PDS Garage Doors designs, manufactures, and installs counterweight doors mainly in residential properties in Melbourne.

Counter weight doors allow for heavier cladding options to suit the facade of any property, giving the owner the opportunity to match their garage door to other cladding on their house.

What is a Counterweight Garage Door?

Counterweight garage doors comprise a single panel that moves vertically upwards and overhead, sitting underneath the ceiling when opened (rather than rolled up, like a traditional garage door).

As the doors include custom weights and door automation systems, they are generally able to support up to 330kg in weight (which includes the door frame, cladding, fixing method, and so on).

Interested in a custom-designed and installed counterweight garage door? Explore your options with PDS Garage Doors.

What are the Benefits of Counterweight Doors?

The benefit of installing a counterweight door, over other custom garage door designs, is that they are perfect for very large openings, as well as very tight spaces with hardly any space around the entrance.

A counterweight garage door doesn’t need a tracking system, which reduces its maintenance, and it operates on a simple remote control mechanism that sits to one side of the opening. They are ideal when security is essential, where noise or temperature control might be an issue, where you need a minimal internal or external projection, and have little available headroom with a very high opening.

One of the key benefits of these doors is that they can be engineered and constructed to hold a specific amount of weight or specific cladding material, allowing you to achieve the look you’re after without fear that the system will be unable to withstand it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of information do we need to provide a quote on counterweight doors?

While we’ll come out to your property to perform a site measure ourselves, we will ask for some additional information to ensure that we provide as accurate a quote as possible. This could include the application of your site, the number of car spaces in the garage, the type of cladding you want to use, the timeline for installation, and so on.

What types of cladding can be used with counterweight garage doors?

There is almost an endless list of options! Some of the more popular materials that we have worked with in the past include red cedar wood, patterned perforated steel, ply doors with custom mouldings, and even ColorBond steel. Just remember that the heavier the cladding, the more it will influence the structural design and hardware needed to support it.

Do you keep counterweight garage doors in stock?

No, each door is custom-designed and constructed according to the specifications of each client and their site. As such, there is a lead time of at least a few weeks (depending on our availability and the availability of the materials required). Please let us know if you’re working with a tight timeline and we can advise whether we can meet this or not.

Why Choose PDS Garage Doors?

Ample Experience

With more than 20 years of experience with door automation system solutions, you can rest assured that we know what we’re talking about and our recommendations are sound.

Extensive Range

Not only do we have an extensive range of high-quality garage doors on offer, but they can also be customised to match your exact specifications and complement your property with ease.

Customer Service

With thousands of happy customers around Melbourne, our commitment to excellent customer service is second to none. Our reputation is built on honesty, integrity, and value.

Less Maintenance and Repair Requirements

Although most traditional garage doors come with quite a significant maintenance responsibility, counterweight doors don’t have as many moving parts, which makes them easier to maintain.

They’re also less prone to malfunctioning, so they tend to require fewer repairs than other styles of garage door.

PDS Garage Doors Are Ready and Waiting to Discuss Your Options

Counterweight garage doors are the ideal solution for almost any application – they not only look stylish and offer a high level of security but they can also be customised to complement your existing building.

At PDS Garage Doors, we can design, manufacture, and install your counterweight door system to your exact specifications – why not explore your options and give us a call today?

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